Chesapeake Shores season 1

Chesapeake Shores

2 Seasons 19 Episodes
Returning Series

Chesapeake Shores season 1 tv series download free

TMDb: 7.6/10 7 votes

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Original nameChesapeake Shores
Created by John Tinker
Starring Abbie Magnuson , Barbara Niven , Diane Ladd , Emilie Ullerup , Jesse Metcalfe , Kayden Magnuson , Laci J Mailey , Meghan Ory , Treat Williams


Chesapeake Shores season 1
Chesapeake Shores season 1
Chesapeake Shores season 1
Chesapeake Shores season 1
Chesapeake Shores season 1
Chesapeake Shores season 1

Synopsis of Chesapeake Shores season 1

The drama series “Chesapeake Shores” season 1 by director Martin Wood touches the eternal family problems when people are not noticed in pursuit of a career and full immersion in work, the result of this attitude is loneliness, and a desperate attempt to turn the clock back. The family is the most important thing in the destiny of a person, it is from this cell of society that the initial formation of the personality begins, the acquisition of the main life skills. The characters of the television series “Chesapeake Shores” somehow forgot about the binding quality of the family and maybe they have completely different ideas about the individual cell of the society called the family.

The history of the O’Brien family began a long time ago, then many years ago Mick O’Brien, the architect and town planner decided to build a small commune on the land of his ancestors on the shore of Chesapeake Bay. The land in the bay is beautiful, fertile, where not how to build a settlement in which people will live and work. He was so much taken by the idea that he had come to his head that he did not notice anything and no one, or a beautiful, loving spouse, or five children around him. He practically went to work with his head and did not notice how his relationship with his wife finally collapsed. The spouse decided to leave him, but during the divorce, Mick O’Brien did not want to leave her children together, he decided that with his mother Nell, they would be much better than with his wife.

Years went by, the children brought up with grandmother grew up, and one after another they return to their native city on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay. They want to understand what happened many years ago, when their parents divorced, they want to understand the reason for their parting and who is to blame for it. The grown up children from the series “On the Chesapeake Banks” have their own opinion, their habits, desires, but in one they were unanimous. They want to reunite the family, try to establish relations with the father, they saw it very rarely, find their mother, who, in their opinion, left the family, reconcile their father with his brothers, their uncles. It is necessary to make all forget past grievances and start all over again. That’s just whether you need to stir up the past, but suddenly there are far hidden such secrets that it is better not to open. And only one thing pleases, in this raznoshistnom family, there is still the grandmother Nell, which is the link between them.

Airs On Hallmark Channel
Release Year 2016
Firt air date
Last air date2017-10-08
Episode runtime45 min
TV StatusReturning Series


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